I woke up like this..Flawless.

The most commonly asked question of a make-up artist is “how do I achieve dewy skin?” WELL, you don’t have to be a VS model to get it.

The key to success when it comes to such things is in the preparation. If you have a really good quality moisturiser and primer, you’ll nail it.

It’s a common misconception that primer isn't really a necessity but it goes hand-in-hand with your moisturiser to create a perfectly plumped, hydrated canvas for your foundation to smooth itself over. One of my absolute favourites is NARS Radiance Enhancing Pro Prime. The beauty of this product is it has light optimising ingredients for extra delicious glow. This means it can also be worn alone to create a smooth complexion. Pro Tip; massage your primer and moisturiser in a sweeping motion from the centre of your face, outwards. This will help push any fluid away and promote blood flow to the surface.

Onto my favourite part - FOUNDATION. Now I have two holy grail products. For those of you who are blessed and don’t need maximum coverage, may I suggest the magic-in-a-bottle, that is MAC Face & Body. It is used on just about every runway show because of it’s flawless, dewy finish. Not only is an 8-hour wear foundation but it’s also build-able. Apply with a beauty blender for the best results.

Now if you’re after something with a little more coverage, let me introduce you to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation. It. Is. Heaven. The product just melts into your skin and leaves a gorgeously fresh glow that lasts. I’ve found it’s even great on super hot days! Once again, I suggest applying with a beauty blender.

It goes without saying that you need a little bronzer to create a bit of depth and it’s very wise to try a couple of different shades to see what best suits your skin tone. If you have slightly pale skin, check out MAC powder blush in Harmony. While it’s a matte power, it blends beautifully when applied sparingly. If you’re more on the tanned side of the spectrum, NARS Laguna is amazing. If you’re up for mastering the art of conturing then I highly recommend using Laguna. It’s got a very warm sun-kissed colour which compliments pretty much every skin tone.

Lastly, once you’re happy with your level of dewiness, use a large brush to dust a translucent finishing powder over the areas which are the most prone to oil. I.e your T-Zone. You only need a light layer so you don’t get a matte finish. Pro Tip; if there’s any leftover powder on the skin’s surface, dab it lightly with your fingers and let it melt into place.

xox Lia for Lil & Emm


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