Bombardier Candles

There is something about walking into a scented room that just completes the atmosphere like nothing else can.

Burning scented candles can create moods of Romance, a calming mood for meditation and can even be a powerful memory trigger. Bombardier Candles are our new favourite thing. Perfect for Business, home or as a unique gift. Their candles are made from the highest quality organic soy wax, enhanced with botanical and fragrance oils.They're also eco friendly and biodegradable. Can you see why we love them now?

Bombardier Designs believes, designing simplicity is the key to a happy life. However simplicity is not easy to acheive, it comes with the trial of many elements and a sense to truly determine what is essential. This belief shines through in our work of Event Designs and in our Soy Candle range, using only what is needed in order to bring a piece of happiness to you.

Check out our Lil & Emm personalised candle creation. the perfect touch to our office.

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