Official Launch of Devojka Models

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Just over a week ago, the Lil and Emm collection was lucky enough to be featured at the official launch of Devojka Models, a new modeling agency to the Canberra scene, so today I wanted to share some of the highlights from the event with you all.

These beautiful ladies sported looks from the boutique clothing store Müssen, Oxford Shop and of course our very own label Lil & Emm. The launch was held at the nightlife venue Tongue & Groove in the city, with a runway set up through the middle to showcase these new models and the beautiful designs.

The venue was packed out, with the DJ playing some amazing tunes and performances by Capital Dance Studio and Mac Mookie Entertainment. The photographer and videographer did an incredible job capturing the evening, of which you can see from the photos in this post and the video that can be seen HERE!

Another amazing tid bit of information that some of you may not know is that Lil & Emm is actually currently stocked at Müssen Clothing Boutique in Canberra, meaning all you lovely local Canberra girls you can actually go in and see, look, touch and try on all the pieces before picking your favourite, something I know a lot of women like to be able to do when it comes to undergarments. You can check out their store online too – LINK!  

So there you have it, another amazing event that Lil & Emm got to take part in, we are beyond grateful to get to showcase our brand at events like these and can’t wait for many more to come. I’ll leave you with some more of the photos from the event as they show you much better than I can type how wonderful the models looked in our pieces!  

Sarah for Lil & Emm


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