N U D E nail report

Raise your hand if you are a nail polish addict (raises hand).

Nail polish to me is one of those final touches to an outfit that can just make you feel put together - that along with having matching underwear and you just know you're going to have a good day.

The dilemma I keep finding though is by mid week I am ready for a new colour because

a) It’s chipped and

b) Pet hate is when it does not match up with what I am wearing (fluoro blue I'm looking at you).

However I am lazy, admit it we all are from time to time. Who else here has rocked chipped nails in an important meeting? (hand is raised again).

The one colour I keep going to for those weeks that I know I want to stay on all week, when I want to appear professional (ha!) and when I have a crazy floral jacket in mind to wear is NUDE.

Sweet nude, perfect for lipsticks, heels and nail polish.

So today I wanted to share with you my top 6 nudes that work for every season, nude along with red seems to just work no matter the weather.

Left to Right

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine: Lychee

Essie: Sand Tropez 

Butter London: Yummy Mummy

Maybelline Super Stay: Rose Poudre

Essie: In Stitches 

Essie: Buy Me a Cameo

I tend to go for the really light nudes during the warmer months, as they look beautiful with a tan, pastels and bright bikinis. The two in the middle I usually will happily wear all year round. Surprisingly the Maybelline one is the one that lasts the longest on my nails and as it is a gel formula it doesn't require a top coat (if you're being super slack on a Sunday night or in a rush to get out the door). The last one is actually a lot more pink/nude in real life and my favorite winter nude, along with the very last Essie polish being perfect for an accent nail as it has a gorgeous rose gold shimmer to it.

What's your favourite? Any others you can recommend to add to the ever-growing collection? 

Sarah for Lil & Emm


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