HELLO Sunshine...!

5 simple ways to start that summer body prep you’ve been intending to do all winter.. 

With a new season comes new goals, a fresh perspective and a burning desire to blossom out of that winter shell you’ve been hiding in! 

1.Recharge your body 

An effective way of powering through those mid-afternoon sugar cravings (that seriously feel like a never ending curse brought to you by some sugary devil) is to keep your body running on a meal schedule. It can seem somewhat daunting but before you know it, you’ll have a routine in place and it will become second nature. Not to mention the physical and mental health benefits of fuelling your body right. There is such a vast array of meal plans available on the wonderful world wide web and it certainly pays to do some research before you commit! Pro Tip: the best kind of snacks are high in protein and fibre to help you soldier on until dinner time. #snacksonsnacks 

2. Meditation

..because some questions can’t be answered by Google. It’s one thing to have your body in check but it’s just as important to give the same love to your mind. Inner health is the fundamental core of a healthy, happy body. Try and allow yourself just 5 to 10 minutes of simple breathing exercises during the day to bring yourself back down to earth (but don’t fall asleep like I did the first time I tried, it’s not overly welcomed in the workplace. Just saying) These little exercises also promote rational thinking, higher levels of productivity and an excuse to look away from your screen(s). 

3. Detox water

There’s some serious perks to getting on board with the detox water thing! And it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Start your day with a cup of hot water, infuse freshly diced lemon and ginger (you totally can’t taste the ginger, I swear - OK if you really hate it just ditch it but I strongly advise it!). The health benefits are as follows; major metabolism booster. The anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties protect your skin from infections - hello clear skin! Triggers hair growth (winner) and improves your appetite just to name a few! 

4. Embrace the group activities

Now is the time to join a dance class, boot camp or yoga. When you leave work and the sun is setting, the temperature is warm, the last thing you want to do is waste the rest of your day by watching Netflix at home. Am I right? Sometimes working out by yourself isn’t as motivating plus group exercise is the perfect opportunity to expand your friendship circles while toning some new muscles you didn’t know you had. My point is, variety is key. 

5. Make-up

“Your daily makeup is not just a habit or a duty, but a ritual that breaths life into a woman’s beauty” I can’t say it enough - quality over quantity. What you put on your skin today is making an effect on your skin tomorrow. It’s never too late to invest in some quality beauty products for you kit. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with the basics, a good primer and foundation then build up from there. Like any investment you want to understand what you’re buying. Sit down with a make-up artist (at Mecca Cosmetica for example) and have them teach you about your skin type and colour-match you with the perfect foundation. We all need a slightly darker shade for our bronzed summer skin anyway ;) 

Lia for Lil & Emm xox

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